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Welcome to a range of gourmet herb and spices, sauces and marinades made from only the finest quality, natural ingredients. The only thing you will be adding to your food with Pureblends products is a wonderful mix of natural flavours from around the world that will turn your home cooking into fabulous international cuisine designed to excite your tastebuds.

Produced on the beautiful Central Coast of Australia, the Pureblends range has been developed to provide a quick and simple way to produce tasty but healthy food in today’s hectic pace of life. We have created a range of spice blends, sauces and marinades that can be used to prepare food prior to cooking. They can be used as a marinade or tasty crust for meat or fish, as a base for curries or you can simply sprinkle the herbs and spices over vegetables before cooking to increase the intensity of flavours in your dish.

Unlike many spice blends found on supermarket shelves, in which fillers and additives have been included, our high regard for quality allows us to use only the finest grade ingredients. In our spices blends you will find:

  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial colours or flavours
  • No anti-caking agents
  • No added MSG or other excitotoxins
  • No gluten, wheat or soy
  • GM free ingredients



Many of our products are salt free or have a very low salt content making them ideal for anyone needing to reduce their salt intake but still wanting to enjoy flavoursome food.



Cajun Spice
A warm, peppery blend of paprika, cayenne pepper and garden herbs, delicious with seafood or meat or sprinkled on vegetables before roasting.

Chinese 5 Spice
With the sweetness of cassia and cloves, pepper for a bit of a bite, plus the warm fragrance of star anise, this spice is perfect for stirfrys or as a great accompaniment to chicken, duck, pork or seafood.
Mild Curry
A rich, mild curry base flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom creates warm but fragrant Indian dishes, Add Mild Curry coconut milk for a delicious curry base, perfect for cream curry dishes and wonderful in fish cakes and as a baste for chicken.
Moroccan Spice
An aromatic blend with cumin, mint, cloves & caraway seeds. Wonderful for turning lamb and chicken into exotic Middle Eastern dishes or add to vegetables before roasting.
Sweet Spice
Warm spices mixed with the heady aroma of nutmeg and cardamom. Use this sweet blend in cakes, on hot buttered toast, pancakes or your breakfast cereal. The kids will love it mixed with water to form a marinade and basted onto chicken before grilling.
Ras El Hanout
With a name meaning "top of the shop", this is a king of spice blends.  Ras El Hanout can be a mix of up to 30 different spices.  We have created what we think is the best blend of 14 spices to give you a beautifully exotic and aromatic spice blend from Morocco.  It can be used in similar ways as any Moroccan blend and goes well on fish, meat, potatoes and vegetables.  Perfect for using in all cooking methods including using tagines, casseroles, grilling or frying.
Tandoori Spice
The perfect spice for your Tandoori Chicken dishes.  With a true Tandoori flavour this authentic spice blend can be used to marinade your meat, it can be mixed into yoghurt or you can even make a quick curry with it.
Thai Spice
A medium heat and fresh tasting curry base with ginger, garlic & mint.  It can be used to make a delicious Thai curry with seafood, meat or vegetables. Or simply add to stirfrys for a traditional Thai dish.  Easy to add extra chilli if you need more heat.
Vindaloo Curry
A wonderful curry blend with mustard and chilli for more heat, but with added cardamom turmeric & cinnamon for a more delicate fragrance. This blend makes a delicious dhal, or use as a perfect base for Indian curries.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon Myrtle
Drizzle this all Australian, delicious oil over salads, fish, pasta etc.  Use it as delicious dipping oil.  Add it to your baking to give a delicate lemony flavour to your cakes and biscuits.
Garlic & Herb Extra Virgin Olive Oil
We have taken pure Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Hunter Valley and added garlic, rosemary, mixed peppercorns, oregano and bay leaf to produce this premium olive oil.  Perfect drizzled over salads, pasta, roasted vegetables etc.  Also use this oil as a tasty alternative dipping oil.
Chilli & Garlic Extra Virgin Oil
A fiery oil blended with pure Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and chillis and garlic - adds a great bite to any dish!
LOW SALT PRODUCTS (with nutritional panels on labels)
Satay Sauce Blend
(Sodium 129 mg/100g when used dry)  (Sodium 65.5 mg/100g when used as a sauce, mixed 1:1 with water). A unique and delicious, 100% natural Satay Sauce Blend containing peanuts, coconut and spices.  Just mix the packet with 100mls of water and bring to the boil, stir for 2 minutes and you have a truly mouthwatering satay sauce for your skewers & kebabs, Thai salads, grilled fish & the classic Indonesian dish Gado Gado.  Also can be used sprinkled dry over raw meat, fish or veggies and wrapped in foil parcels with a little oil and baked in the oven or cooked on the barbie.
Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar with Coconut Sugar
 (Sodium 17mg/100ml) Containing Coconut Sugar and Raw Sugar, this rich, sticky caramelised balsamic vinegar is quite unique and quite delicious! Drizzle it over fruits, salads, cooked meats, fish etc. Also add it to olive oil for a tasty dip with bread.
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